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Do you think you might be depressed? Well, you wouldn’t be alone.

Could you be depressed, but not want to admit it? Well, you definitely wouldn’t be alone – especially in the company of men.

It’s a guy thing – a code of silence among men – to not admit that we’re human. To not admit that we can experience human pain or be vulnerable sometimes. And, that we can get depressed.

The truth is, more than six million men in the United States become depressed each year. That’s more than one man in every group of 20 men (and those are only the guys we’ve counted). You probably didn’t know that. But, again, you’re not alone. Most people don’t know it – even many mental health professionals.

Not been yourself lately?

Has someone told you haven’t been yourself lately? Perhaps you’ve noticed it, but you’ve been trying to just “get over it” or “tough it out.” If that isn’t working, you might be depressed.

Depressed man contemplating getting help from a psychologist, counselor or other mental health professional for his depressionYou may think that you can’t be depressed because you’re not sad or crying. But –although depressed men can experience a sad mood – men’s depression can look very different from what we typically think of when we think of someone who’s depressed.

If you are depressed, you need to get treatment. Depression is a potentially fatal condition – especially in men. And if it doesn’t kill you, it can still destroy your family, your career, and your future. But depression is treatable. And if you do get treatment now, research shows that you may decrease the chance you’ll ever have to deal with it again.

And let’s be clear about one thing: depression is not a weakness of character.

It can take courage to admit that you need some help. But if you think you might be among the one in 20 men experiencing depression right now, please read through the information on this web site. And if sounds like you, please consider signing on a team mate – a licensed mental health professional.

“Talk therapy” – or psychotherapy or counseling – is a proven effective way to reduce depression, and to feel better about yourself and your life.